Online Ordering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Why can I only post wedding gowns?

There is a large variety of items you may be interested in preserving. Contact your closest Preservation Specialist for details on how you might post other items for preservation.

    Is my wedding gown insured?

Every participating Preservation Specialist carries insurance for your wedding gown. A "Signature On Delivery" is required and you're provided a tracking number to ensure a safe and insured delivery of your parcel.

    How long will it take to get my wedding gown preserved?

Normal process times are 4-6 weeks. For express service, additional costs apply. See the Order Form for details.

    Ezypay Options

We know that preserving your gown can be a major investment for you. You have the option to pay 50% of the amount due upon receipt of the gown by your Preservation Specialist. The other 50% will not be charged until the preservation has been completed and the fully preserved gown has been returned to you.


A Lifetime Guarantee is provided, in writing, which guarantees our workmanship. This Warranty is attached to your preservation package.

    What is Prestige Preservation

Prestige Preservation is a system of preserving wedding gowns using the safest methods of cleaning and professionally preserving the gowns using a patented MuseumStyleHeirloom Preservation system

Prestige Preservation Program™ licenses their exclusive methods of cleaning and preserving wedding gowns to the top dry cleaners and specialty processors in major worldwide markets. In Australia, the current licensees include only reputable drycleaners who are listed on the PPP web site .

    Do I have to select my closest Preservation specialist?

No. You can select any participating Preservation Specialist. Check back frequently for additions to the participating specialists included on the Shipping Instruction page..

    My closest Preservation Specialist is not listed.

If you do not find your closest Preservation Specialist on the Shipping Instruction page, feel free to contact them directly for service.


All prices listed on the web site are Recommended Retail Prices.

    Can I drop off my gown and have it shipped to me?

Yes. Just provide your Preservation Specialist with the necessary details.

    How do I ship my gown?

We provide free shipping for all customers.

Shipping is easy and guaranteed delivery via Australia Post.

Step 1. Download and print out your Order Form. Step 2. Download and print the Prepaid Shipping Label.

Step 3. Pack your gown in your own box or one supplied by Australia Post.

Step 4. Include your Order Form in the package.

Step 5. Attach the Prepaid Label to the outside of your parcel.

Step 6. Drop off your package at any Australia Post office.

Step 7. Purchase a "Signature On Delivery" tracking number to provide you a safe and insured delivery of your parcel.

You'll receive a confirmation email once your gown has been received.

    I've changed my mind, but already posted the gown

We will process your request within 10 business days of receiving it. If your credit card has already been charged, please remember, your financial institution can take an extra few days to get the refund back into your account.

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